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5 Teas We Love! - Top 5 Teas For You This Spring

5 Teas We Love! - Top 5 Teas For You This Spring

As it is quickly approaching Valentine's Day, which is a time of celebrating love, we thought we would give you a list of 5 Nelson & Norfolk teas we know you’ll love!

Lady Grey


First on the list is our delightful Lady Nelson’s Grey tea, which gives you a lighter and brighter brew than you would with a traditional Earl Grey. It gives you fragrant hints of orange blossom and rose petals which makes for a very smooth and floral drinking experience. 

Sandringham Time


The next one on the list is Sandringham time, which is not only a very traditional blend of black tea on our website, but also given the royal seal of approval at Sandringham Estate! We would recommend that it is to be enjoyed with a splash of milk, as we think it really brings out the flavour. Overall It’s a fantastic black tea which will have you pouring plenty out of the teapot!

Russian Caravan


Underappreciated but over delivering, the Russian Caravan tea from Nelson & Norfolk is not one to miss! From a taste perspective, it would be described as a malty, sweet and well bodied cup of tea. It isn’t overpowering either, which makes it very drinkable when you come back for seconds and thirds!



Maybe you fancy something a little bit sweeter? If so, our Chocolatea is perfect! It blends a fantastic black tea with chocolate to give you the perfect guilt-free chocolate experience. Milk and sugar optional but it'll give you a sweeter and creamier cup!

Earl Grey


Earl Grey is another classic black tea blend which shouldn’t go a miss! From a taste perspective, its floral and citrus notes make for a fantastic drinking experience. The use of the bergamot orange is the key here, so if that sounds good to you, then it's a match made in heaven!

So that’s our list! Have you tried any? Which ones stand out to you? Let us know!