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Best dairy alternatives for coffee 2021

Best dairy alternatives for coffee 2021

There are many reasons why someone might want to change to a dairy free alternative in their life. Some do it for environmental reasons, morality reasons, medical reasons or they might just not like the taste of cow's milk!

This brings us onto today's blog, which is discussing which dairy alternative in the list below is the best for a cracking cup of coffee!

Soya Milk

The original dairy alternative, soy milk has been used for centuries as a beverage.

To the question “does it work well in a coffee?” However, you should ask the countless coffee shops around the world that have had it as an option for so many years. The taste isn’t too overpowering and it has a sweetness that makes the transition from cows milk a whole lot easier for you. 

It is the safe and trusted option for those who want to push away from dairy in their morning mug.

Oat Milk

Fairly new to the milk game, oat milk has become very popular to the point where you can find it on most supermarket shelves. Its malty and slightly drier notes hit the spot with current coffee drinkers.

From a texture perspective, oat milk is very thick and silky which makes it very palatable to drink down with your breakfast.

The taste of oat milk doesn't dominate the coffee and the texture is fantastic, so it would definitely be one to try out for yourself.

Almond Milk

Coming in both sweetened and unsweetened, almond milk offers a nutty (shock) and fragrant alternative to your classic dairy choices.

I think this is a fantastic choice for those who already love the taste of almonds as the taste can definitely take charge over weaker blends of coffee. That being said, the texture when mixed with coffee is very velvety and works together harmoniously.

Chickpea Milk

Very new to the market, chickpea milk is finding its feet in the dairy-free catalogue but is a very strong contender already (from personal experience). The taste is good but not overpowering which makes it very easy for those transitioning from cows milk. It froths well and the texture is also very similar to its dairy counterpart which makes for a pleasant experience.

Have you tried any of these with your coffee? What is your favourite dairy-free alternative to milk? Comment below