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Best Dairy Alternatives for Tea 2022

Best Dairy Alternatives for Tea 2022

Having already covered the best milk alternatives for coffee (which you can check out here), we thought it would only be right to check out how differently the results are for tea! 

There are some fantastic dairy alternatives out there, which we will highlight throughout this blog!

Soya Milk

It is the most popular of all milk alternatives, but for good reason! It does have a distinct taste but it isn’t too overpowering for those using it. I would definitely recommend trying it before committing to it, as the taste can be out of favour to some!

Almond Milk

You can find almond milk in both sweetened and unsweetened, however the general thoughts apply to both of them. 

Overall almond milk is a great choice for those who already love the nutty and fragrant taste of almonds as the taste can sometimes overpower weaker brews of teas. Regardless, it works perfectly for those that love it!


Oat Milk

A fairly new dairy alternative, oat milk has become very popular to the point where you can find it on most supermarket shelves. It has a neutral flavour which doesn't dominate the tea, whilst the texture is fantastic as it is thicker and creamier which makes it very palatable to drink down with your breakfast. It can taste drier to some, which may ruin the tea for you.

Cashew Milk

Cashew milk is a brilliant dairy substitute. It is seen as one of the creamiest dairy free milks and has a very neutral flavour. I guess the downside is that it can be more expensive than many other alternatives.

Chickpea Milk

Another new alternative, chickpea milk is finding its feet in the dairy-free universe. The taste is neutral which makes it very easy for those transitioning from cow's milk. The texture is also very similar to its dairy counterpart which makes it a very easy switch. 


For all of these options, it would be best to try them all before stamping your foot down and picking one immediately. All of these are favourites in different households so it's important to find the one that's right for you!

If you are looking for high quality tea to go with your milk alternatives, then you can check out our teas here.