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Cup of Fruit tea

Fruit Tea - A Mini Guide

If you aren't feeling your usual caffeinated black tea in the morning, then fruit teas are a fantastic caffeine-free substitute for them!

The first thing to mention is that fruit tea is slightly different from your usual types of tea, mainly because it technically isn't a tea. This is because it doesn’t come from the tea plant (camellia sinensis) at all!

One thing that’s great about fruit teas is that they can be drunk hot or cold, which is great as it makes them a great drink all year round! Fruit teas can be delicious, aromatic and colourful which are 3 components quite frankly we love!

So the question is, what makes fruit tea really tasty and how is it made?

The simple answer is real fruit. Most fruit teas and herbal tea infusions are made with real, unprocessed dried fruit, herbs and spices, which makes for a very natural and flavour packed brew! Our teas contain no artificial flavours and offer only the highest quality ingredients and fruit juice concentrates. They are naturally sweet but do not have the overpowering sweetness of sugar. Fruit Tea is usually made by cutting/ grating fruit into smaller pieces and then drying them. 

They can be made using a wide variety of fruits including pieces of apple, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, blueberry plus many more. The most used components in modern fruit teas would be apple, rosehip and hibiscus. Hibiscus offers a fruity tart note and a deep red colour which people tend to love!

We have a fantastic range of fruit teas to tickle your fancy here at Nelson & Norfolk, from our Spiced Apple Chai to Nelson’s Blood Orange Fruit Infusion just to name a couple! All are caffeine free and very delicious. 

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