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Russian Caravan Tea - A Mini Blog

Russian Caravan Tea - A Mini Blog

Typically seen as a blend of Oolong tea, Russian Caravan Tea is a fantastic choice of tea for those who love a rich and layered flavour. But why is it named Russian Caravan? What does it compose of? Those plus more will be revealed in our mini guide of Russian Caravan Tea!



The name “Russian Caravan” originates from the 18th Century, as camel caravans were the mode of transport for trans-continental trading of tea from China to Europe, which would travel via, you guessed it, Russia.


The Blend

The beauty of Russian Caravan tea is its blend! It brings together the rich taste of your classic China Black which can then get mixed with a range of different leaves. Usually it gets used alongside either an Oolong or a Darjeeling, which both offer similar characteristics but with their own individual twists and flavours. Some blends of Russian Caravan Tea, however, introduce Lapsang Souchong in order to recreate the original smokiness of this tea. This was developed to pay homage to the tea that was transported over all of the high mountain passes and was then stored alongside fires at night.



When it comes to taste, Russian Caravan Tea delivers! When you have it without the addition of Lapsang Souchong, it is a malty, sweet and well bodied cup of tea. It isn’t the strongest either, which makes it a very pleasant tea to indulge in. When you add Lapsang Souchong however, it takes it to another level. It has smoky notes that add such a complexity to the flavour, but yet it doesn’t seem out of place and creates a very warming cup of tea for you to enjoy.


Overall, Russian Caravan Tea is an amazing brew to choose! We have a delicious Russian Caravan on our site, which you can check out by clicking here.