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The Foundations of tea! Which is your favourite?

The Foundations of tea! Which is your favourite?

The Foundations of tea! Which is your favourite?

So we have covered a lot of different mini guides on specific types of tea, but what are the main foundations they are built from? Today, we are going to explain the 3 different types of tea on offer here at Nelson & Norfolk!

Black Tea

When it comes to popularity, black tea is easily top of the list in the UK. It is constantly in high demand over the other types of tea mentioned below. It is considered to have originated in China but has become more and more popular in the west (as 99% of readers can vouch for). So many variations have been made, from Chai’s and Earl Grey’s to less known ones like Russian Caravan. When it comes to drinking black tea, the choice to add milk varies from blend to blend. However, for most of them a splash of milk wouldn’t hurt from a taste perspective and for a few it definitely elevates the flavour! Check out our collection of black tea here.

Green Tea

A very popular choice nowadays, the rise of green tea has become very noticeable in years gone by! It is seen as one of the healthiest teas you can get your hands on, which in some cases is very true. The reason why it is considered so healthy is that the process requires unoxidized leaves, which in point causes the tea leaves to contain more antioxidants than the average brew! When drinking green tea, I would stay away from drinking it with milk if you wish to reap the health benefits, however if you like the taste with milk then quite frankly enjoy it! You can check out our green tea here.

Fruit Tea

A similar case to green tea, fruit tea provides a lot of health benefits as well. Not only does it provide you with a fragrant and fruity drinking experience, but nine times out of ten it is made caffeine free! It is such a guilt-free drinking experience and requires nothing more than itself when consuming. It feels like more of a treat to consume because of the natural sugars so overconsumption may leave you feeling over-indulged, but for sure a great drinking experience. You can check out our fruit teas by clicking here!

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