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What are the Benefits of Loose Leaf Tea?

What are the Benefits of Loose Leaf Tea?

Isn’t Tea just the most wonderful thing? It’s one of the go-to drinks first thing in the morning to give you the energy you need to get out of bed. It’s also there for you when you need a little pick-me-up or when you’re entertaining guests. But do you know the real day-to-day benefits that loose leaf tea can have?

Let’s face it, we’re British, we are stereotypically associated with Tea. Why not own it by understanding the differences & making the best choice for you?

Tea has some real health benefits such as helping to relieve anxiety & stress. Green tea can even be used as a way to purify blood & reduce the size of tumours. However, it must first be correctly harvested for you to reap the rewards that Tea has to offer. Loose leaf tea is best to be able to extract the real benefits. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider loose tea in the future.

Loose leaf tea is good for your health

Tea has particular chemicals called catechins, which provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to your body, improving overall health and wellness. Catechins are found to be at their highest concentrations in loose leaf tea, meaning the most benefit you will get would be when brewing loose leaf tea.

The processed nature of making tea in teabags rapidly reduces the concentration of Catechins. It’s best to drink tea, such as green tea, when it is as fresh as can be.

Loose leaf tea is a higher quality

Most tea that you will find in a supermarket has been mass produced. They’re generally filled with tea from different locations, and that have travelled from far and wide before reaching the shelves, making it less fresh. A pack of loose leaf tea comes from the same original location, meaning you are getting a much more consistent pack of tea.

Loose leaf tea tastes better

This one’s for those who REALLY love their tea. The mass production that tea leaves go through to be bagged means that the experience of flavour will rarely change & you can occasionally get stems & seeds in the teabag, giving a bitter taste. Yes, you can tell a difference between your favourite brands but deep down, they’re all pretty similar. For an overall better tea experience in flavour, you can’t beat loose leaf.

Loose leaf tea has a better range of flavour

Fruity? Chocolatea? Citrusy? Loose leaf tea gives you all these crazy options! Whether you’re looking for something traditional or something to spice up your tea life, it’s available as loose leaf. You can even get chamomile flowers that will infuse your tea with a lovely floral aroma.

Loose leaf tea is better for the environment

Water aside, Tea is the most consumed drink in the world, meaning that we have to think of the carbon footprint it leaves on the world. Teabags are often not compostable & for those that are, most teabags end up in the general rubbish bin without a thought. Loose leaf tea reduces packaging & is fully compostable, meaning you are doing your bit for the environment.

Look, we understand. When you’re getting ready in the morning and only have a limited time to wolf your tea down, then bagged tea is great. But if you have some time & really want to get the best flavours & health benefits, loose tea leaves are there for you.