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What Tea Helps with Sleep?

A few weeks back we looked at the benefits of loose leaf tea and one thing became very clear - there are teas that, no matter whether you drink them as loose leaf or in teabags, are good for your health. Most flavoured teas & decaffeinated teas help you relax and de-stress which led us to need to answer another popular question; are there teas that actually help you sleep?

Insomnia. It’s something that as many as a third of UK adults struggle with. Sleep deprivation is a common problem for people so if there was a solution to help improve sleep quality, how great would that be? Now I’m not saying we have the answers to Insomnia, but what we can say is that there are teas that will help you to relax and not give your body that caffeine kick that it wants first thing in the morning. Here are three teas that COULD help you sleep better at night. 

Decaffeinated Tea

You're teaholics just like us! You don’t want to miss out on your tea fix for the evening, so why not simply try the Decaffeinated Tea? All the flavour from our popular Black Tea range & the same blend as our Norfolk Breakfast Tea, but without the caffeine. It’ll be sure to give you that same old great taste, but none of the boosted energy. 

Little Snoring ‘Sleep Tea’

The beautiful village is the inspiration behind our best selling caffeine free blend of Chamomile Flowers, Rose Petals & Lavender. It is not only deliciously enjoyable to drink but it’s perfect to aid a restful night's sleep. 

Green Tea & Mint

Fine China Green Tea, blended with Mint, Moroccan Style is a fantastic digestif after your main meal of the day and is an absolute favourite. Allow 3-5 minutes to brew for the perfect blend that helps to stimulate digestion and allow the body to feel relaxed. Green Tea isn’t caffeine free but is much lower than traditional black teas.

Apple & Lemon Fruit Infusion

Similar to the Little Snoring Tea, the Apple & Lemon Fruit Infusion is naturally caffeine free which combines the bold flavour of apple with the citrusy, juicy taste of a fresh lemon. A combination that offers a pleasant taste, but not sharp, it’s a fantastic way to end your day and wind down. 

Chamomile Flowers

As well as being a combination in the Little Snoring Tea mentioned a little earlier, Chamomile Flowers can be bought as its own blend. Chamomile Flowers are well known for their calming effect on the body so it’s a fantastic addition to your evening routine as you get ready for bed. 

Getting a good amount of sleep every night is vital for your health & Teas can certainly help that. Herbal Teas are your best option, particularly those with Lavender and Chamomile as they support your body to initiate sleep. However, we are not health workers, so if you’re struggling with Insomnia, always consult your doctor. While results will vary from person to person, this may be a natural support for better sleep.