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What Tea is Best for Me? The Ultimate Guide to Tea

What Tea is Best for Me? The Ultimate Guide to Tea

So you’re looking around to find the best tea option for you, you must be ready to become a real tea connoisseur! Well… you’re in the right place. We are independent tea brewers, so we like to think we know a thing or two about the most consumed drink in the world.

There are three key considerations to think about when deciding what tea is best for you. Look out for types of tea, loose leaf tea vs tea bags & brewing styles for your different tea ranges. All sound a bit overwhelming? Lucky for you we are here to break it down into easy to understand knowledge & bring you the ultimate tea guide!


Types of Tea

Ok, first things first, we need to understand what type of tea is best for your palette. We understand aspects such as how strong you like your tea as well as the flavour you’re wanting from the tea. Let’s start with Black Tea…


Black Tea

Black Tea is by far the favourite in the UK. It is the most well known blend & imported more than any other types of tea. We often drink this with Milk & (if you’re naughty!!) Sugar as your way to start the day. Our favourites for a good strong cuppa are Nelson’s Victory, Sandringham Time, Norfolk Breakfast and Empire Breakfast.


Green Tea

Most commonly known as the healthy teas that you buy, green tea is actually very similar to black tea. The difference is in how they are processed, with black tea being exposed to the air and allowed to oxidise longer and dried, whereas green tea is not. We do not recommend that you add milk (or sugar) to your green tea & that you drink this naturally. 

Our favourite traditional green tea is Nelson’s Gunpowder, or you might want to try the subtle flavour of Green Tea and Cherry Blossom.


Herbal Tea

Similar to green tea, herbal tea provides a lot of health benefits that you can read about in our benefits of loose leaf tea post but provides you with a beautiful fragrant or fruity flavour. These are naturally caffeine free, so if you’re looking to avoid that from your diet, this is the one for you. Check out Nelson’s Blood Orange, our most popular fruit tea, Berry Burst which is bursting with fruity flavours or our Lemon & Ginger - just delightful to sip hot or cold. Our favourite herbal blend is Little Snoring, a blend of Chamomile, Lavender and Rose.


Loose Leaf vs Tea Bags

So, you understand what to expect from the different types of tea you can get, now it's time to make a decision on the way you brew your tea, be it loose leaf or tea bags. Ultimately this does depend on how much time you have on your hands as loose leaf brewing takes a while longer than a tea bag, but gives you a better quality & taste. Tea that resides in a tea bag is often made up of ‘dust and fannings’, which essentially mean smaller pieces of tea that are broken & are typically a lower grade tea. Now, we’re not saying tea bags are tea-ribble! We are simply saying, if you have time on your side, we’d recommend loose leaf tea. 


Get the Lowdown from Brewtown

Brewing teas is rarely considered a vital part of the tea making and drinking process, but it makes all the difference! Consider water temperature, brewing time (known as steeping) and amount of actual tea. Now, a lot of this is personalised depending on your choosing, but there are recommended figures to make that ultimate cuppa’!


Have you taken that all in? Let’s break it down one final time for you so you can find the perfect tea for your palette. 

If you’re looking for something traditional, our black tea range is the best, with the Sandringham Time & Norfolk Breakfast as the two choices of our customers. If you’re after something a bit ‘different’, then try a fruity infusion such as Berry Burst or a warming infusion like Lemon and Ginger. Finally, if you’re wanting to recharge and flush out the toxins in your body, try a green tea such as Nelson’s Gunpowder or Green Tea and Cherry Blossom.

If time is no issue, always look at loose leaf tea over tea bags & keep on top of the right temperature & steep time to get the best taste! An infuser may be the way forward for you, giving you the tea bag time but loose leaf luxury!