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What's the difference between English, Scottish and Irish Breakfast Tea?

What's the difference between English, Scottish and Irish Breakfast Tea?

English Breakfast Tea is one of the most popular choices in the tea cabinet, which is why there are so many varieties to choose from. But did you know that there is also an Irish and Scottish breakfast tea? Today we will tell you what stands them apart!


What is breakfast tea?

Breakfast tea is a black tea or a blend of black teas that you guessed it, is very commonly consumed in the morning. This is mainly as they are seen as a stronger, more robust and sometimes even malty cup of tea. This makes it an ideal drink for the early start pick-me-up that people love to enjoy in the morning! Another reason why they are so loved is they can be mixed with sugar and milk without compromising the delicious taste too much.


English Breakfast Tea

I will keep this short and sweet as 99% of readers will have English breakfast tea coursing through their veins as they read this, but let’s cover it for the purpose of comparison.

If we look back a couple of decades, English Breakfast Tea was just a blend of Chinese black teas which would be fantastically paired with a full traditional English breakfast.

Nowadays, English Breakfast usually consists of a blend of Ceylon tea and Assam tea, with some single origin black teas making appearances to slightly alter the taste. As you know, when this comes to taste this blend has a bright flavour and a brisk bitter/sweet combination. Although it is used in the morning for energy, English Breakfast is actually the lightest of the varieties.


Irish Breakfast Tea

The dairy industry plays a very big part in Irish culture, therefore it’s suggested they made a breakfast tea strong enough as most will probably want to add milk to it.

Irish Breakfast Tea consists of the same black teas as English Breakfast, the main difference is that it usually has more Assam tea leaves in the blend than other black teas. This gives the blend a reddish hue and a rich, malty flavour profile.

Overall, Irish breakfast is bolder than English Breakfast which is perfect for those looking for a slightly stronger cup of tea!


Scottish Breakfast Tea

The rarest of the three, however the strongest of them!

It is said that Scottish Breakfast Tea was originally created to overcome Scotland’s soft water, which is why they made it the strongest tea of the three.

Scottish Breakfast can be blended with the same black teas like English and Irish breakfast. But, in addition to Assam and Ceylon, it can also consist of black teas from Indonesia or China.

Therefore, if you are looking for a truly eye opening cup of tea in the morning (from a caffeine point of view), Scottish is the one for you!

Have you tried any of these? Which is your favourite? Let us know!

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